Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Teaser Tuesdays- Sparking your interest in Books...

Quotes from books actually on my shelves.....

The Furies by John Jakes (Book 4 of the Kent Family Chronicles, Historical Fiction about the founding and shaping of America as a nation. Eight volumes all together, listed here in order: The Bastard, The Rebels, The Seekers, The Furies, The Titans, The Warriors, The Lawless, The Americans.)

Quote from The Furies:"Instead, he'd wrecked her customary composure with the one thing capable of doing that- the past; the past she constantly picked over so the wound could never heal." (pg 179)

In book one, the illegitimate son of a nobleman who is refused his birthright travels to London where he learns the printing trade and admires the statesmanship of Benjamin Franklin. He decides
to leave England and start a new life in America. The series follows the Kent Family as they live through exciting historical periods in U.S. History. John Jakes has also written the North and South Trilogy, and the Crown Family Saga. The books have been dramatized in movie production miniseries.

The Kent Family Chronicles

From left, Andrew Stevens, Gwen Humble, William Shatner and Don Johnson (wielding flintlock) in the 1978-79 mini-series “The Kent Family Chronicles”.

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