Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011

Yay for a quiet day at the hospital! I was surfing because it was so quiet and found a fun blog with links to lots of reading challenges.I signed up for a few of them and am always excited to discover new books. Sorry I can't seem to get the linky widget to work properly, you will need to copy and paste if you want to check these blogs out.

Found another blog and liked the idea of posting ten things that made me happy this week.It's called 'Happy Saturday' on the 'after I do' blog

Here is my list.....

Things that made me happy this week :)
1. Being with my Hubby
2. Spending a day off with Jo'Dee, Paul and Brianna
3. Eating home made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
4. Taking naps
5. Petting my dog
6. Having extra days off from work
7. Having a cool shower on a hot day
8. Hearing some new music by one of my favorite bands
9. Reading books
10. Sewing fun clothes for my two sweet granddaughters

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