Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where I've Read 2011

For a view of the nifty map showing locations of where books I have read this year take place, click the link below. There were no pins available for outer space or the realms of fantasy and there were several books I've read that took place there.....!!,-61.523437&spn=107.613937,316.054688

Friday, December 2, 2011

You've been racked!

Saturday while leaving the hospital where I work, I saw a curious sight….coins were taped to the vending machine and along side it was a note… “You’ve been RACK’d!” (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness). It brought a smile to my face. After black Friday shenanigans the day before, it was good to see that somebody was thinking about others, rather than themselves. The true Christmas spirit had not been crushed after all. I set out to my car and found two candy canes stuck under the windshield wiper blade with that little note on it again…You’ve been RACK’d!! My smile got even bigger. Some days can surely be trying when you work with the stress of traumas and real life situations of life and death in a health care setting. Thank you to the mysterious RACKer hitting the hospital, you de-stressed my day and restored my faith in others to do good unto one another.