Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A bright YELLOW and Happy Wednesday to all!

I'm on a writing kick again, 25 sentences all starting with Yellow. When I thought about which color to do after green, the first two colors to pop into my head were blue, and black. I figured blue would be too easy, and 25 sentences starting with black was a bit depressing, so I chose yellow thinking it would be a little more challenging. Feel free to share your own sentences in the comment section.

I also added another exercise after writing the sentences-checking a thesaurus and then substituting some of the suggested words in the sentences that I wrote to see if it spiced up the writing a bit. Here goes....

  1. Yellow ribbons decorated the trees after the festivities.

  1. Yellow and various shades of gold were evident in leaves that had fallen to the ground on that Autumn day.

  1. Yellow pencils made up the bulk of the available writing implements that were placed on the desk.

  1. Yellow centers in the daisies made for a happy welcome, while strolling through the garden.

  1. Yellow and green were the spirit colors of the new high school.

  1. Yellow highlighting lined every page of the used textbook making the resale price lower.

  1. Yellow fire engines are becoming just as common as red ones.

  1. Yellow vents releasing sulfur gas sat adjacent to the trail which wound up to the top of the volcano, releasing a strong smell.

  1. Yellow garnets are called Andradites, they contain magnesium and titanium which gives them their distinctive yellow-green color.

  1. Yellow pages used to be the place for looking up phone numbers and addresses before the days of the internet.

  1. Yellow and refreshing, the homemade lemonade really hit the spot after a trip to the park with the grand kids.

  1. Yellow Mr. Sketch magic markers really do smell like lemons.

  1. Yellow was the color my cousin chose for the bridesmaid dresses at her wedding, and the men wore yellow ties.

  1. Yellow flowers on a rose bush seem to cheer you up when you look at them.

  1. Yellow and black checkered taxi-cabs were seen everywhere when we visited New York City.

  1. Yellow, red and blue are known as the primary colors and can be seen on any color wheel.

  1. Yellow suns and pink flowers decorated drawings in the pictures that the little girl drew.

  1. Yellow fever is a disease found in tropical areas and it is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes.

  1. Yellow is how I would describe her face after the first 30 minutes of her ride on the cruise ship.

  1. Yellow blankets and sleepers used to be standard fare at baby showers before the days of ultrasound.

  1. Yellow bananas lined the shelf of the produce section and you could smell them a few feet away.

  1. Yellow with polka dots describes the color of the swim suit in the itsy bitsy, teenie weenie bikini song by Brian Hyland.

  1. Yellow snow, have you ever heard someone admonish you not to eat it?

  1. Yellow blossoms festooned the forsythia bushes, a welcome sign that spring had really arrived.

  1. Yellow daffodils pop into my head when I am thinking of harbingers of spring.

Have some fun with the words!

Now try it using a thesaurus to spice things up with the writing, keeping in mind the exercise is to write 25 sentences all starting with "yellow", so I am not going to change that.

First sentence- "Yellow ribbons decorated the trees after the festivities."
decorated: adorned, bedecked, dressed up, trimmed
ribbons: bows, streamers
trees: forest, shrubs, timber, woods
festivity: joviality, bash, party, shindig, fun and games
after: behind, subsequently, later

"Yellow streamers adorned the shrubs after the fun and games."

"Yellow ribbons bedecked the trees following the shindig."

and so on.....

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