Friday, June 27, 2014

Finally another post from my worn out brain...

An ice cold mountain stream.
We visited the waterfall in the canyon, a good activity for a hot summer day. At the trout pool you can feed the fish, they are pretty tame.
I feeling kindof blah tonight. I though we'd go to the movies, but the movie we wanted to see was already gone from the theater. Then I thought we'd go out to eat, like we do on many a Friday night but no, hubby had a big late lunch and was not interested. Also I am wondering just what to do with myself, I have had our 9 year old granddaughter at the house for about a month so far this summer and I have suspended most of my normal activities to cater to her as it is an awkward period for her with her Mom gone in the Army. She is with her other Grandparents this weekend, so here I sit with a few free minutes, wondering what to do with myself. Such is life, expect the unexpected. 
Outings with my granddaughter...A large butterfly made out of butterfly specimens at the Natural History Museum

I've been busily working on getting my teaching degree and have taken 4 out of the five classes needed this past year. I am working my tail off for the on-line ones. It takes hours to get all the portfolio stuff, classroom application and content, discussion and quiz done. I've been going through a creative block for all other endeavors as I concentrate on the one subject that I am taking a class for, for that period of time.
In Zoology class I learned about Cephalopods, this nautilus is an example.
My brain is worn out. My one solace is I still can manage to squeeze a bit of reading for my own enjoyment in here and there. I have discovered it is mostly escapist reading after looking over the list of what I've read tonight. I guess I need a break!
Because I have not been working as much as I used to I've been able to do a few things that I haven't done for a while, even a few get my plant light set up again and nurture a collection of cactus and succulents and a few African Violets, an old favorite of mine. Do a bit of embroidery, and make two cute blankets using some 'minky' fabric, for my two sweet granddaughters. I've never worked with 'minky' before, it's incredibly soft and cuddly. A bit on the pricey side but very nice for blankets.

In our yard we have a few of these garden snakes, they like to snack on the goldfish in our pond. Dang critters.
I have even been, gasp, organizing and doing a bit of extra cleaning. I must admit though, that reorganizing under the kitchen sink was inspired on by a leak in the water filter! Some of the organizing (and de-junking) has also been spurred on by the in-laws moving from their large home into a smaller planned community home for seniors, and all the packing and junk sorting that has been going on there.
It's wonderful to see my water lily blooming!

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