Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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I worked my shift at the hospital on Christmas day, thankfully it was slow but I feel bad for those patients who had to stay over during the holidays. Little babies who have the rotten luck to be born having cancer or a heart defect, and others of all ages who have problems big enough to warrant hospital stays that can last for weeks sometimes. We occasionally joke in the lab that patient so-and so never seems to go home, but in reality it is no laughing matter, they have serious health difficulties. We do what we can and try to give them blue ribbon care and help them on their way to healing.

Having some chronic health issues myself, I can definitely relate. Then I thank my lucky stars that my problems allow me to live at home, and not end up in a hospital bed getting chemo, organ transplants, surgeries, or transfusions.

One of the best things to happen this year was that my son returned home from Japan, where he had been living for two years as a Christian missionary. He is on the left.

I was trying to figure out how to attempt an end of the year post about the most noteworthy happenings of 2012, but we'll see how I do. The one wonderful happening this year that outshines all the rest is the return of my son (in June) from his missionary work in Japan, where he lived for two years. I have a little get away later today and tomorrow for my wedding anniversary of 32 years, so I do need to get an small bag packed and finish some of the never ending laundry that multiplies by a factor of ten every single night! I did want to share some info about things that have definitely helped me manage my chronic skin and inflammation problems though, in case anybody else out there can benefit from this information...

I have a sweet friend who has a saying when something is vexing her or getting her down- she tells whatever is bothering her that she is "not going to let it win". I have another wonderful lady that I work with who has serious bone cancer. You would never know it because she lives her life in a manner that brings joy and inspiration to those around her. We love her all the more for it. I have amazing friends, a third one gave me good advice as well when I was having a hard day; 'There are some things you cannot change, but you can change how you react to them'. Good words for living from my stellar friends.

Epsom Salts and Hibiclens soap help when you are getting a skin infection. Available at any pharmacy, even Wal Mart.

Good tea for relaxing.
When you have a problem that stays with you like a health difficulty you can let it run (ruin) your life or you can go on living the way you want to, in spite of the problem. Yes, there are days when it gets you down, but having a positive outlook is a much better way to live than surviving on your own pity parties. The world is a beautiful place in spite of all it's problems and life is good even if you hurt at the end of every day! Dolce vita....
Shea butter-Get this lotion at Health food stores or order from Amazon on line.

For itching that can sometimes drive me insane I have wonderful relief from relaxing baths. When I feel I am getting a bit infected because I have been naughty and scratched too much I soak in epsom salts, use Hibiclens soap, and occasionally even use bleach or white vinegar in the tub. I have also been known to slather peroxide on my affected areas of skin. It stings like the devil and is not something that really should be recommended, but man, it stops the itches that threaten to drive me insane some nights. It's always worse at night, getting one night of uninterrupted sleep is a miracle most evenings. I also have been known to down a nice warm cup of Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea.
Aromatherapy; relaxing pillow spray I found at Ulta.
 (I can't drink camomile which is supposed to be relaxing because of drug interaction with my other meds). I like pillow spray that has a relaxing effect and have also taken benadryl to help me sleep better. I hate sleeping pills with a passion and am actually afraid to take them for fear I won't wake up. Silly and irrational I guess, but they also leave me really groggy in the morning so sleeping pills are not really an option. My trusty Kindle reader is always by my bedside too, if I can occupy my mind away from the trouble it helps me cope and is much better than pacing the floor in your nighty at 2 am. Hugging my hubby and caressing my trusty little pups is also good comforting salve.

Oatmeal Bath, add it slowly to the water or you get lots of lumps.
Ask for this at the pharmacy counter. 
Available at many stores. They even have a version for babies.
Love this cream.
Other options for soothing baths, be it itches, sensitive, rashy, or swollen skin are Aveeno oatmeal bath and amazingly, a beer bath. In my opinion beer is good for just a few things and not for drinking! It has a vile smell and taste. It's good for soothing skin-one bottle in the bath and you have soft, soothed skin. I heard it was good as hair conditioner as well but have not tried that as all the beer I have goes into the tub or the cook pot for making yummy bratwurst. Enough ranting for now here are a few pics of the products that have saved my sanity lately when dealing with my own difficulties. For creams- especialy for sensitive and sore skin; Vanicream from a pharmacy (just ask them to order some for you), Aveeno ezema cream, DeVita-Shea Butter Brulee Tahitian Vanilla cream available at Sunflower Market or from Amazon, and my latest new found love for a cream- Nivea!
Shiner Bock bottle cap, Beer Baths to soothe the skin. Also tasty for cooking bratwurst, lol!

(No one paid me to endorse any products, these are all products I buy for myself.)
May the New Year bring you peace, joy, and prosperity!!

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