Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter's here to stay!

We wound up getting a foot of snow, the pic shows just a sprinkling.
We're having a major snow storm today. Some of the family spent the afternoon out at the stadium for Weber State's football game, brrr! I've been inside and feeling pretty toasty, but now that it is dark the chill seems to be settling in. Break out the hot cocoa folks, I think winter is here for good.

My son-in-law is now an Army Aviator
I guess you could call Tazz my 'grand-doggie', here he is trying to stay warm on the family room sofa.
Well, my daughter (and grandaughter) have been living here for about a week now, while her husband does his National Guard thing. They will be staying for several months. Little Clara loves the snow and was outside this morning for a long time helping Grandpa shovel, kicking the snow around, making 'angels' in the snow and just enjoying herself. When you come from the south, a foot of snow is a big novelty to you, especially if you are a kid.

With my daughter here, we've been doing a lot of 'de-junking' in the house, since we have more people living here so we needed to clean the closets out to allow them to store their belongings and move in for a while. Don't ask me where we are going to put the piano though!

The painting class I attended, I am the short, dark-haired one.
I've had the itch to be creative lately. I have had the urge to paint for some reason, so after feeling that for a while I decided one day to go to a painting class. It was very enjoyable. I will look forward to going again. I sew often, a lot of my creative juices are put into sewing quilts or doing embroidery & cross stitch. I usually don't wind up painting, but I did make my first picture at that class! Yesterday I started making a table runner with the intention of giving it to my Mom, I was all excited about starting a new project, unfortunately the pattern I purchased has the world's worst directions and even an experienced sewer like me had a hard time following it. I believe it will be scrapped now since I cut up fabrics and it is not going together well. I will have to write that pattern company a note and tell them of my disappointment. I'll just use my own creativity and make a table runner for Mom on my own.

Today I spent most of the time at my craft table embroidering new names on a grandchildren sampler I made for my mother-in-law many years ago. It's a cross stitch sampler that says "Grandchildren are the treasures of a long life", and has spaces to put in names. There are 32 names of grandchildren sewn on and 16 names of great-grandchildren on there, too. Surely, a thing to be celebrated!

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