Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Ramblings...

This book keeps me on the edge of my seat, but I put it away at night because I have a very active imagination!

This is a really interesting Science book, not boring and dry.

Here's the "Currently" report, just for fun...

Currently Reading: For Halloween- A ghost book by Hans Holtzer.
                                For the Science-o-phile in me- Epigenetics by Richard C. Francis
                                For my spiritual side- The New
Testament- Book of Matthew

Currently Watching: Old Stargate Episodes on DVD 

Listening Music:
                 My latest insatiable music appetite is for Linkin Park albums, ever since I saw them 
                 in concert this summer I can't stop listening. Sometimes you do have to be in the mood for
                 Chester's primal screaming though!

Listening Audio Books: Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Currently eating tonight for dinner: Cheese Tortellini with sauce and lots of parmesan cheese on top.

Current favorite snack: Colby flavored Cheez-it crackers

Currently wearing: comfy PJ's and striped Harry Potter Griffindor House socks.

Pets are currently: dogs cuddling in their puppy bed together and the cat is actually not trying to walk
                              around on the kitchen table or eat me out of house and home by attacking bread
                              bags on the counter and causing a riot in the pantry closet.

Current Favorite Snack
These are on my feet tonight!
Current music obsession: The bad boys of Linkin Park

Good old SG-1! These old episodes never get boring. I never was a fan of Claudia Black though.

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