Thursday, July 5, 2012

My first 5k

Happy Birthday USA!!!

July 4th Parade
Another Fourth of July, time for celebrating! I’m happy I didn’t have to work for the holiday. I always work Mondays at the hospital and a lot of holidays fall on Monday so I get bummed sometimes missing all of them. With all the medical clinics closed I suspect it was an easy day in the lab, those are few and far between lately.

I’ve had a goal for most of 2012; I wanted to do a 5k (about 3 miles, and most people run the course). Our employer sponsors one annually in June and I have always wanted to do it, for three years now I have wanted to do it. The first year I hurt my foot, the second year I had to work that day and this year I wound up not doing it again. I was also always a bit nervous wondering if I actually could do it. With all my health/leg problems I have been uncertain if I still had the get-up-and-go I used to have. The big reason I wanted to do a 5k was to show myself I could.

I started a training program in April, but it was one I did not keep up with. I tried the treadmill, I did laps around the park with walk one minute, jog the next, then you increase the time for each period of running and walking. Well, I am not a runner, I am a walker. Besides even though a training class was offered by my employer to help us get ready, my manager gave me such grief about leaving for the class every Monday that I gave it up. Our town does a big shindig and parade every year for the 4th of July and they have a 5k. I decided I would do it. It was only a few days away when I decided this.

My partner in ‘crime’ lately had been by daughter-in-law. She’s been by concert buddy, lunch, shopping, get into mischief and have fun buddy lately because hubby does not like to go to concerts and my son (who was my previous concert and movie buddy has been in Japan). I knew if I asked her she would do it with me, and we could both take turns pushing the grand-baby in the stroller the whole way. Yes, she was game to do it so we both decided we would walk the 5k while pushing the stroller. I was still nervous about actually doing a 5k.

I awoke on the forth to the sound of ornamental canon fire, which happens every year at the break of dawn on the fourth of July. I spied the clock and thought I saw that the time was too late and I had already missed the start of the 5k race. I rolled over in bed and decided “Oh well, I’ll try again next year since I missed it this year”, and went back to sleep. I had had a bad night with my legs and did not sleep well. I was in no condition to do a 5k. Short of having a full blown panic attack during the night, which happens when my health burden gets overwhelming, I got up at 1 am and took a prednisone to ease the pain and swelling. Those prednisone pills are reserved for emergencies and I use them about once a month, if all else fails.

I finish the 5K!
It turns out that I did not miss the race after all, although by the time we arrived it was 30 minutes after the start of the race. I determined that I was not a coward and wanted to walk the course anyway even if I missed the official start of the 5k. I felt foolish signing up after the race had actually started, but I wanted to do it according to the rules, -so that included signing up, getting the fancy t-shirt, and the most important of all, the entry-number to pin on yourself!

We walked the 5k in one hour! The uphill part was a bit daunting, and we were being passed by the runners doing the 10k, actually running double the distance we were merely walking, but WE DID IT!!!!!!! One runner heard us talking as he went by I said “I don’t care if we come in last, I just want to do it.” Then he gave us encouragement, he understood where we were coming from. Thanks, sir!

My daughter-in-law finishes the 5k!
Grand-baby finishes the 5K!
At the end, we just slowed to a stop and figured we would just go home, but my sweet daughter-in-law said no you have to go through the finish gates since you finished the race. Yes! Victory was sweet even though we did not get an official time or place or anything like that. I do know I came in first in the category of grannies pushing grandkids in strollers! Yay me! I am looking forward to my next 5 k.

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