Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Dinnertime," an original me!

            I am exhausted! All this puttering about, I’m getting frustrated. Yes, it’s definitely time for a bite. I must catch the smell, and quench my hunger. It’s such an invigorating smell, delicious, tantalizing, and intoxicating. I need blood!
          Circling about the creek, I deduce there is nothing palatable there. Wait, yes, in the distance, a faint sweetness. I’m drawn to the delicacy.
          The young fisherman raises his hand, he brushes something near his ear and swats absent mindedly at the object of his annoyance. He is concentrating on keeping his eye on the lure.
          How dare he swat me away! I must try a different more subtle approach then...…buzzzz. Ah, a tender ear, nah, too obvious. I could be swatted away again with more disastrous results than the last time. How about on the neck, hmmm? See, his eye is fixed only on the water’s surface.
          I approach as silently and stealthily, as I am able. That splashing I hear at the water’s edge may aid my stealth. I’m salivating at the thought of dinner, at last! Crawling ever so carefully along the flesh, I approach. Hairs on the back of the neck impede my progress, and I make haste so I do not lose my chance. Dinner smells alluring, enchanting. Anticipation is half the fun of eating, oh the warm tangy goodness of it all.
          A little pinch here and he’ll never know it. Alright! Delightfully delicious! Smacking my proboscis, I am contentedly full. I slink away into the evening.
     Gee, maybe I overdid it, I’m quite bloated it seems. Smack! It seems like that hand is after me again. Whew, that was close. I guess I was a little too greedy; it was foolish of me to over-eat, again. It was such a good meal but being so full does have a tendency to dull my wits a bit and slow my flight. I’ll just rest here awhile, away from that smacking hand, right here, on this nice leaf. Wow this leaf is rocking me gently to sleep, floating, as it is, on the water’s edge. 
           Snap! The lights go out and it’s 
 all over. That fish wanted dinner, too.

(If you are looking for a fun family read aloud book, about mosquitoes, of course, try "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears", a West African folktale.)

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