Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday!

How I love my days off!!! Today was sweet, ice cream for lunch (yes, really) and I accomplished a lot, even though there is laundry still waiting in the washer and dryer.

Our sweet kitty, Belle, who is 14 yrs old and recently lost an eye, had her surgical staples removed today and is doing very well. She’s got her old spunk back. 

                          (This is Belle before a foxtail from the grass ulcerated one of her eyes.)

I went visiting teaching, was able to do a bit of Family History work, indexed two batches of Italian Matrimonio records, found some time to write and my vasculitis isn’t getting the better of me. I’m on a roll!! Yay! I wish every day could go so well.

Yesterday JoDee and I peeled tons of home grown yummy ripe tomatoes and made salsa. I’ve been making this recipe for cooked salsa and home canning it for years. If you do it properly there is nothing to worry about safety- wise. While the salsa simmered we ran out to have lunch and pop into a few stores. When I am with JoDee and my sweet little1 ½ yr old granddaughter time really flies. We could and do spent hours together and it is a real joy in my life to have them as family.

Some of our favorite stores are Ulta, Kohls, Target, any and all fabric and craft shops, various eateries, Barnes and Noble, and the ubiquitous, (but not necessarily a favorite) Wally World (aka Wal-mart). 

Our salsa needed a little spicing up after our taste test when we returned home so I added some chopped jalapeno peppers. That did the trick and it now has a nice after-bite to it!! The down side of peeling tons of deliciously ripe tomatoes and making the salsa is…at the end of the day you only wind up with 4 teeny little pint jars of the stuff. Oh well, it’s still worth making though. If you are interested in the recipe please send me a comment, because I don’t know if there are many people out there that home can anymore and I am feeling too lazy to post it right now. I use a steamer/water bath kettle that I have had for about 25 yrs. It has served us well and preserved many a fruit, pickle, and jelly for us in the past. 

Our homemade salsa
Hubby made some wonderful peach jam a few weeks ago, as we were up to our ears in delectable peaches from the silly scraggly peach tree in the yard. That little tree gets crowded out by the cottonwoods and pines in the back but every year it still produces tons, I mean tons, of lovely peaches. There are always too many for us to eat by ourselves so we share, and make jam! Thank you very much little peach tree!!

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