Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Santa Brought

For Christmas, Santa brought me something my heart had been desiring for a few years. That desire was a new washer and dryer. Woo Hoo!  I was certainly tired of only having some of the cycles work on the washer, and finding rusty chunks of metal periodically in the wash tub (and they always stained one of my favorite shirts). Hubby had resurrected the thing at least twice with his fix-it skills in its long life of 29 years at our house. I did not want it resurrected any more. The dryer was still useful, the drum was just very banged up from years of drying all those denim jeans. But when you get new ones, you gotta get a matching pair, right??

When hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him…..but since I had said it so many times before I was not expecting to hear “O.K. let’s go look at some,” come out of his mouth. He was serious! After looking for about a month at several stores, viola! I found myself admiring a spanking new washer and dryer pair installed in my laundry room a few days before Christmas. I love them so much doing laundry is not half as detestable as it used to be, and since the washer holds so many clothes I actually do less loads than before. I love them so much I gave them a big hug! The clincher for my outstanding admiration for these two wonderful life-simplifying items is the cool sound each appliance emits at the end of the cycle. No more ugly sounding buzzers, that’s so yesterday, these babies each play a funky little digital tune when the cycle is done! I smile every time I hear it.

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