Sunday, July 2, 2017

70's Blast from the Past!

Which Partridge kid was your favorite?
A page from the Sears 1970 Catalog. Polyester special. Ouch! My eyes!!!

Blast from the Past!!!

I was remembering some fads from when I was a tween-ager today. Yes, my sister and I had pogo sticks! We also had footsies. We played stick ball with the other neighborhood kids in the middle of the street (it really wasn't that busy of a street), whenever a car did happen to come by we all moved out of the way and got right back to our game after the car went on its merry way. We wandered around in the woods, just a few kids together, and rode our bicycles all the way around the lake, (two miles?) by ourselves, alone. We did not have much need to fear anything, we were innocent, lucky to live in a small, rather rural town, and probably a bit sheltered, too.
Ye olde Pogo stick.

This is a footsie! It kept us hoppin'.
Halter tops, straight hair, and fringe were the fashion when I was almost a teen. I had a pair of lime green bell bottoms and wore wedge shoes at my 6th grade graduation. Peace signs made their appearance but my Dad didn't like them, I had a brown suede a purse with a peace sign attached via a little silver chain when it was purchased, he removed it.
These are similar to the ones I had, only mine were a dazzling white.

I also had a brown suede jacket with wonderful fringe all down the arms, a crochet mini skirt and vest set made for me by a family friend, and we used Herbal Essence shampoo on our hair, it was so groovy! My Mom got me a bedspread and curtain set for my room, (from the Sears catalog), it was quite a loud design, but was the latest fashion at the pink, orange, lime green, and kindof like the Partridge Family Bus on floral steroids (Yes, we watched that show and I always imagined myself as the big sister who played piano, Susan Dey, and had a secret crush on Danny). How did I ever sleep in the room with all that color saturation surrounding me?
Color saturation overload.
The grooviest shampoo.

My Dad owned his own Barber shop. He made friends with the local twenty somethings because they hung around jawing at the shop and ate together at the one and only "luncheonette". One band they listened to was "Country Joe and the Fish". I liked Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night, there was nothing like Chuck Negron and his rather large moustache. My Dad had a neighborhood barbeque for some of those friends. We grilled hamburgers and sunfish we caught ourselves in the lake. After that those young friends of his were gone. To Canada. Some of them had been drafted and were opposed to the war. I was really too young to understand what it all meant but when my 6th grade English teacher gave us an assignment to write about Viet Nam my Dad got angry and gave the teacher a piece of his mind. Needless to say, I didn't have to do that assignment. I had a good childhood back then, growing up on the lake,
in my little town.
Chuck Negron from the band Three Dog Night.
Country Joe and the Fish

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