Sunday, December 13, 2015

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

(Sunday, December 13)

I've always loved The Peanuts Characters, a favorite holiday show is "A Charlie Brown Christmas".


The tree is up, not fully decorated yet, but up, and the lights are just gorgeous. I really rather enjoy it the way it is. Nothing is wrapped, even though several presents have been purchased. I even wrote some Christmas cards today and they are ready to mail tomorrow!! At Christmas I get a bit overwhelmed, considering there are three of my four kids birthdays in December and also mine and my son's wedding anniversary this month along with everything else for the holidays.  I have become very fun of puns lately, maybe I should have been an English major instead of a scientist! I need humor to get out of the serious scientist mode sometimes, and to be honest with you, cute baby animal pics and goofy cat memes really do make me smile and feel better when my day isn't going so well. So.... here are some holiday puns and sillies to share the Christmas joy!!


Cats and boxes, what else can I say, any cat owner will understand.

The holiday would not be complete for a science person  like me without Chemistry Cat!

Think about it.....every teen girl in the 70's was probably madly in love with this heartthrob...On the first day of Christmas...




                      Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.


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