Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 2014

Time has flown away from me. I have been wanting to post for weeks now and finally I am getting the chance. I am not sad to leave 2013 behind, it was a difficult year health-wise, financially, emotionally, I am looking forward to a fresh and new year. My motto is like this picture with a character I like- Captain Picard, from Star Trek The Next Generation...

As I am no longer working in a laboratory, I realized I really loved my job at the U of U, when I was Laboratory Coordinator and did a lot of teaching in the laboratory. I wanted the hospital lab experience and I got it for four years, it became very taxing emotionally and physically, one reason being the long shifts. I made a lot of wonderful friends there, but it was not meant to last for me personally. It is a relief for me actually, even though I suddenly found myself on the way to the poor house if I did not find another source of employment. I have struggled to get a replacement job, so I thought things over and realized that; yes, it is about time I got to stay home because less stress helps my health via not having as many skin breakouts, even though they still do happen periodically. Also, I really do like taking care of my home and family, even cooking, when I have time available to me. About staying out of the poor house... I have an Education Masters, and since I am not working in a lab any more, or teaching college students or adult learners, maybe I could see about using my education experience to become say...a high school science teacher. That is what my new focus is becoming- to become a certified secondary education science teacher. I've earned some money here and there by being hired as a substitute teacher for a local charter school. I really like the school and look forward to subbing there, even though there is no set schedule for when I go. I also have been merchandising for a new clothing store that recently opened up nearby, in a nice new shopping center and earning a bit there. I am finishing up the few classes I need to get secondary teacher certified in my state and am going to be taking the Praxis science test soon. Last fall semester I had three classes and was very busy reading text books and writing assignments, making lesson plans, and doing a practicum for student teaching at a high school (in preparation to doing actual student teaching this coming fall). Whew! That's what I've been up to.

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