Saturday, February 2, 2013

My second book signing

Book Signing with Brandon Sanderson

Book signing with author Brandon Sanderson at Weller Book Works Feb 1, 2013.
Last night I had the unique opportunity of helping at a book signing for author Brandon Sanderson, his latest work being the final book in the Wheel of Time series, originally started by author Robert Jordan. Sanderson was chosen by Jordan's widow to finish the series using the late author's numerous notes. It was great to meet him and he thanked us for helping with the signing and signed our books right at first when he arrived at the bookstore. There were six of us in our official capacity as "Memory Keepers" or helpers for the book signing. We did trivia quizzes, had a 'pick your profession in the Wheel of Time world' activity, had raffles, and picked tickets out of a bowl for winners of book related items from the publisher. We assisted the author with the crowd of people waiting to get their books signed. He did a reading from the text and also had a question and answer session from the gathered crowd. It was an eventful night and I am an even bigger fan of the author now. You can tell he is the type of person whose mind is always going in high gear and it is crammed full of all kinds of interesting information.

You can check out his official web site here:

He has written three Wheel of Time books:   The Gathering Storm
                                                                        Towers of Midnight
                    and the final one just released:   A Memory of Light 

More Sanderson Books:

The Way of Kings part one and two; Stormlight Series
Infinity Blade
Mistborn Series (The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages, Alloy of Law)
The Emperor's Soul, novella set in the world of Elantris
The Alcatraz Series for youth (to be a set of five books)
The Rithmatist

You can find Warbreaker in it's entirety on his official web site, and lots of other interesting stuff.

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