Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 28th...Time Flies!

I'm really having a hard time getting motivated to write anything, I just want to be a slug! I cherish my days off for the gift of being able to sleep in, but my personality is such that I can't let myself be too lazy or I feel guilty. Yesterday I spent all day in the kitchen. I made applesauce with apples from the tree in my in-laws yard. Ten pints of nice organic, smooth, healthy, with a tad of cinnamon and just a tad of sugar, applesauce. Then I proceeded to bottle tomatoes from our garden. Whew! I was so tired I could barely get into the bed because my legs were hurting so badly. This time of year we are busy reaping the benefits of the harvest. Our garden is wild looking but a great producer of healthy fruits and veggies. I just don't have time to be fussing with the garden all the time but the kids, hubby and I somehow manage to keep it watered. With my leg problems I don't have the stamina I used to so my yard work ability has gone way down. I did manage to plant a nice patch of bulbs- tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc. in the front yard though.

Last week was spent helping my Mom, who just had knee replacement surgery. She had a partial knee put in about 10 years ago but it was all worn out and she delayed getting it replaced because that surgery is so awful, but it was a major knee overhaul this time and is quite painful to get through in recovery. She has her good days and bad days still, but all in all seems to be getting more positive about it every day as she heals. I am glad I could be there for her. It's a curious thing to have the parent-child relationship reversed. I was mothering my mother!

My Mom with my sister and I many years ago. I am the one with the crabby expression on my face, trying to hide in the blanket.
One of our neighbors lost their daughter to complications of diabetes, she was only 20 years old. Far too young to even have lived life much, and it is very sad to contemplate the grief they much be going through right now. I can't imagine losing one of my precious children at all. My heart goes out to them.


10 pints of yummy applesauce!
We are going to be expanding our household soon when my daughter's family comes to stay for a bit. It's a long story but as far as we know, they will be staying at least 6 months. I will love having them close by, and I relish the chance to be with my other sweet granddaughter as well, but it also means three more dogs here at the house and lots of people (2 and 4 legged) to feed and clean up after. I know they will help out, but I can't help being a bit nervous about a major life-style change, especially with my health and all. I am thankful we are in a position to be able to offer some help to them as they need it. They have been across the country for so long it will be good to have them back home.

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