Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quirky Incubus Quotes

Of course I am wildly excited about attending the Incubus concert this Friday night and doubly excited at the opportunity to "meet and greet" the band as well. Ever since my son gave me a cd to listen too, I have really enjoyed the band's music and have become an Incubus geek! I love the play on words of the lyrics and the diversity of style in their music. I can rock it up listening to "Science" or get all mushy listening to "Friends and Lovers" from their newest cd "If not Now When". They make me feel young, and they're not bad on the eyes either, lol! Quirky quotes from Incubus song lyrics.......

“Over and over we ask ourselves why don’t we utilize things that are stored deep inside our brains.”

“Yesterday was all my fault I let negativity get the better of me.”

“I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate.”

“I grow up; my open eyes see a zombified, somnambulist society, leaving us as vitamins for the hibernating human animal.”

“I am one big fleeting errant contradiction.”

“I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it’s made illegal.”

“I think for sure next time you should wear a pair of eyes in the back of your head.”

“I feel like a matador is taunting me with his reddest red cloth and I am the bull.”

“You should make amends with yourself if only for better health.”

“I’d sooner sleep by an open fire and wake up fried.”

“Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and it gives you wings.”

“Nice to know you, goodbye!”

“I am bottled fizzy water and you are shaking me up.”

“Temporaryism has been the black plague and the Jesus of our age.”

 “Forgive my indecision…..I am only a man.”

“If I were your appendages I’d hold open your eyes so you would see that all of us are heaven sent.”

“Kill your doubt with the coldest of weapons, confidence.”

“We’ve got about fifteen minutes to go before this audience starts throwing tomatoes, yeah!”

“Before you swim you’ve gotta be ok to sink.”

“You’re a mountain that I’d like to climb, not to conquer, but to share in the view.”

“We say more by saying nothing at all.”

"What are you running from and may I interfere?”

“I’ve seen the porcelain shell, your exoskeleton, and I feel like we’d walk well together.”

“I only go where I’m wanted. You only go where you want. I aim to be more like you.”

“Well. I think I thought I saw an Azwethinkweiz, lookin’ like we think we do.”

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