Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 8, 2011

Songs Were Washing Up
By Francesca Forrest

Songs were washing up on the shore
Smooth as sea glass, in greens and blues
We picked them up and held them to our ears
Like shells
And heard their wave-abraded tunes
Just faintly, faintly
We couldn’t catch the words.

One day while casually looking for interesting things to read on the net I came across some stories by this author. I really enjoyed reading “Cory’s Father”, “Cataracts”, and “The Stars Chill Song”, I also found this poem to share with you. Here are some links if you think you might like some of Francesca Forrest's fantasy/speculative fiction stories. There's also a lot to be explored on those sites besides the stories.
Is the address for "Cataracts"
Is the address for"Cory's Father"
Is the address for "The Stars Chill Song"

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