Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whistling and Walking

(I wrote this in honor of my Great-Grandpa, he really did walk our chihuahua on a long leash of rope.)

Whistling and Walking

An Ode to Great Grandpa

“Have you ever seen such a long leash?” I did say,
To my neighbor, on this exceptionally fine sunny day.

“Oh that”, said my neighbor, and he was eager to tell,
Of the Old Italian, Mauro, that he knew somewhat well.

“Yes”, said he, “every day around three, old Mauro goes out walking, you see. His companion is always attached to that leash, bounding along,
while old Mauro whistles a favorite Italian song.”

Mauro's long mustache is curled and trimmed to perfection,
both man and his dog return mutual affection.

It can be a comical sight to behold,
For the Chihuahua's strut is exceptionally bold.
Those little dog feet move quickly to cover some ground,
And he disappears from your gaze crossing over a small mound.

The Chihuahua's bold rapid strides are characteristic of his kind,
And old Mauro's slow shuffling steps do lag far behind.
That's why the leash is so long, now you see,
but they make fine walking companions, if you ask me.

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