Sunday, March 20, 2011


After a sun-starved winter season I am ready to see sunshine.  Last week, while in Alabama, I was able to soak up some of that sunshine. I went there to help my daughter move to her new place of residence. The south has a charm all its own and it is a pleasant place to visit. Now I can add driving a mini-van stuffed to the brim with household goods, one granddaughter and a 150 pound Great Dane from North Carolina across the south to Bama to my list of interesting life experiences.
While getting my daughter settled, we heard of the monstrous earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. I have some good friends in Japan. I have known my friend over 30 years and have watched her children grow up. My friend just became a grandmother a few weeks ago after her married daughter happily welcomed a baby girl into the family. They have so much to live for. Also, my son is serving as a missionary in Japan at the present time and naturally I was concerned for him as well. My faith helped me feel in my heart of hearts that my son would be taken care of. The Lord takes care of his own, but it sure felt good to get an e-mail from both my son and my friends a few days later letting us know they were safe. The magnitude of the disaster cannot have hit our brains yet. There are still 10,000 people missing, whole towns have been wiped off the map, and the nuclear power plants damaged in the disaster are still threatening to make the situation even worse.
 Things like this remind us of how insignificant ‘man’ is in the face of raw nature. The earth is groaning under the weight of human foolishness. If I was not a believer in the end of times I might have become a convert lately over the sorry state the world is in.

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