Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are they out there?

Do you believe in aliens? Do you think that there could be other civilizations in the universe? Do you even think about such things?

I commute to work so I like to have different things to listen to while I am riding to work. I have many books on cd, music cds, podcasts, etc. that I listen to during the trip. I used to listen to a radio program that came on late called Coast to Coast (with Art Bell or with George Noory) when I was riding home from the PCMC lab on the weekends. Sometimes I would listen to it on driving trips to Colorado or California, too. It is still on the radio but my work schedule now consists of getting up at 4:00am, so I don’t stay up to listen too it much any more. I will admit that some of the subjects they cover can be pretty far out, or just plain creepy so that I do not desire to listen, but it is generally highly entertaining.

In the same vein, exploring many things weird, paranormal, and always having something to say about little green (or grey) aliens, I discovered a podcast called Mysterious Universe put out by 2 guys in Australia. I can listen on my portable device or make cds to bring in the car while commuting. The guys, Ben and Aaron, have great accents and are really entertaining because they cover all kinds of unusual topics. I don’t much go for Bigfoot or strange giant black birds, chupacabra, evil reptilians, or inter-dimensional big cats, but I am always intrigued by the subjects and it sure makes my rides to and from work enjoyable.

One thing I do think about is other beings in the universe. Being a science loving person, a laboratory scientist, and a science fiction fan, I probably have a predisposition to believe in this kind of thing. I would have signed up for Star Fleet after high school if it had been real! I am fascinated by Jupiter and it 60 plus moons, and yes I would love to have a little pet fire-dragon like on author Anne McAffery’s planet of Pern. I think I can believe that there are other beings in the universe. No, I have never been abducted, and I don’t hear strange voices calling me from the Pleiades, but I look up to the night sky in wonder and I do think the universe is big enough for several civilizations.

I know from my religious belief that God created many worlds. Why can’t there be people on them, too? Man is created in the image of God but he also made animals, plants, and the planets whose substance is so dramatically different from our own earth. Why not other beings that can live in those types of worlds, why not more Earth-type worlds? Maybe I have fallen off the proverbial ‘turnip truck’ or have been listening to alien stories too much, but it certainly is food for thought.

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